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The following information has been supplied by 'Amiga Auckland Inc.'for the use of Amiga users the world over. If you have any problems with setting up please email the secretary  who will put you in touch with someone that is able to help you. Amiga Auckland is a voluntary Amiga user group that relies on its members to support the Amiga in any way possible and we would therefore ask that you consider joining us for greater voice on the Amiga scene. Details available via the secretary.

The various links on this page have been taken off the web for your convenience. There are many other possible links that you may know of and prefer. Please use them and if you feel that they are better then please email the secretary with them. They may be included.

Connection to the web via your Amiga is an easy exercise involving the use of 3 programs. They are Miami, Yam and one of IBrowse, Voyager or AWeb . Miami: is the internet connection vehicle and is by far the best for the Amiga. This program is commercial and you can download a demo file from links on this site. You can then obtain the key file by registering at the source as indicated within the program.

The setup of Miami is made very easy with an program called MiamiIni (included in the archive). By following the instructions you should have very few problems.

Yam: is the best email program for your Amiga and is well up with any used on PC platforms. This program is freeware and can again be downloaded from links on this site. Registration is not needed but can be beneficial for updates and other source related functions.

Once again this is very easy to set up and the options available once you have the program up and running are extremely good. All sorts of file handling and filtering procedures are available at the click of a button. Some details need to be filled in for filters.

IBrowse, Voyager and AWeb: are the 3 most popular programs for the Amiga to browse the web. All are very good and are also commercial. Registration is needed to obtain the full working versions. Easy to use and configure these programs are very good and stable. The latest version of IBrowse enables the user to use banking facilities via the net. Try them and see.


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