Setting up Windows Dialup Networking

1 - Make sure you have started your computer  within your‘user profile'   if you have one configured.
2 - From the desktop double click on ‘My Computer’ and then double click on‘Dial-up Networking’. Note:- If your computer does not have this icon you will have to install the Dai-up Networking software from your Windows95/98 setup software. Refer to the   Windows95/98  instruction manual that was supplied with your Windows95/98 for instructions on how to add/remove software.  
3 - Double click on ‘Make New Connection’ and a dialogue  box will appear. Type in the name of the computer as ‘Titan Internet’. Leave ‘Select a modem' as shown unless you wish to change your modem settings, refer to your modem and or your computer instruction manual. Click on ‘Next’  
4 - Enter the area code 09 and phone number as 086784001   or   08678400. Choose country code as ‘New Zealand (64)’. Click on ‘Next’  
5 - Click on ‘Finish’ to complete this section.  

Configuring the Dial-up Program Windows95 

1- Highlight the Titan Internet icon by clicking on   it once only. Go to ‘File’ on the menu bar and  click on ‘Properties’ Check that all the settings  in the  dialogue box as shown .  Make sure the ‘Use country code and area code’ tick box is blank.  
2 - Click on the ‘Server type type’ tab and check   that all the settings are as shown. All the tick boxes should be blank except 'Enable Software compression' and‘TCP/IP’. Next click on the TCP/P Settings  button and another dialogue box will appear.    


3 - Make sure that the dialogue bow looks as shown .At the bottom of the dialogue box  there are two tick boxes, Leave the first one bank and tick the second box called ‘Use Default Gateway etc.’  Click ‘OK’.  


4 - Click on the ‘Scripting’ tab and check the  settings. There should be no  script File. If a script file is showing   highlight it and press the delete button on the key board or back  space it out. Make sure the  tick boxes are blank and  click on ‘OK’.  

5 - The desktop icons  will appear. Go to ‘File and     ‘Close’ all of them.  



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