Setting up Eudora Email

Click on the Tools menu at the top, then click on Options. , and then click on Getting Started.
POP account
Add the word "pop3." between the "@" sign and the words "" in the address shown.
Note: this applies if you have a domain name setup also.
eg. name/
Real name
This is the name that will appear on email you send.
Return address .
Type in your email address here
Note: this applies if you have a domain name setup also.
Connection Method
This must be set to "Winsock"
Offline (no connections)
This must not be ticked.

Click on Host
This is your Outgoing mail server.
Type in
Leave this blank.
Leave this blank.


Click on Checking Mail
POP account
This should already be filled in.
Check for mail every ... minutes
Eudora will check the server for new mail every ... minutes.
If set to 0 it wont check unless you tell it to.
Skip messages over ... K in size
This should be turned off. (not ticked)
If you recieve a large email, we would prefer you downloaded and removed it as soon as possible.
Send on check
When you check for new massages, any mail you have waiting to be sent will be sent.
This is usually ticked.
Save password
If this is ticked, you will not need to enter your password to check mail.
If security is an issue, this should not be ticked.
Leave mail on server
When mail is downloaded, is will not be removed from the server.
We prefer you have this unticked.
Delete from server after ... days
If you choose to 'Leave mail on server', mail on the server older than ... days will be removed.
Determine first unread message by:
You hould have 'First message not read by this machine' selected.
Delete from server when emtied from trash
If you choose to 'Leave mail on server', mail you delete locally will also be deleted from the server.
Authentication style
This must be set to 'Passwords'


Click on Attachments.

Click on the blank Attachment Directory button

Choose the directory where you wish to store you email attachments



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