Uploading Your Wepages

If you wish to have a homepage please apply for your homepage to be enabled first. We will then notify you when it is ready along with your ftp user name and password.
When you have made your web page you need to upload it to here. You can use a program called WS-FTp which you can download from here  wsftp32.zip. This is a split screen program. ie your hard drive on the left and our web server on the right.
The main settings are:-
host name    ftp.titan.co.nz
user ID         TITAN/your user name
password      your titan password
Do not change the default settings in wsftp. All you need to do is enter the above three settings as a new connection in wsftp.
When you connect to the ftp server using this program you will see at the top right of the right hand screen the directory /user name you are in the right place. Upload to this directory.
Your address to access your page on the web is http://www.titan.co.nz/user name
Remember to save your first or main page as "index.htm"
NOTE If you are using a programe called "Cute FTP" to upload your pages then the settings are the same as shown above.



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