Microsoft Internet Mail setup

To set up Microsoft Internet Mail :-
1 - Click on “start” and go to programs.  
2 - Find and click on “Internet Mail”.  
3 - Above the toolbar you will see an icon called “Mail” click on this and a dropdown menu will appear   Go to “Options”and click on this.  
4 - If a Setup Wizard dialogue box will appear. This feature will take you through the setup step by step. It will ask you for settings along  
the way. These are as follows:-  
Name                                             — Your name  
E-mail address                                — Your  
Outgoing mail (smtp )                       —  
Incoming mail                                  —  
Pop3 account                                   — your Login name  
Password                                        — Your password  
5 - When you have completed this setup wizard you shuold be able to access and send your E-mail once you are connected to the Internet.  
If you make any mistakes the setup wizard will prompt you to check your settings. Make sure you type in the settings exactly all in lower  case type with no spaces and full stops only.  
6 - If you do not see a set up wizard then insert the settings in set for in the appropriate fields.



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