Configuration of Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express.
Click on the Tools menu at the top, and click on Accounts.
Click on the Mail tab.
Highlight the account you wish to check and click Properties
You should be on the General tab.
Mail Account
This name doesn't really mean anything, Its just a name to distiguish these settings from those of another account.
This name will appear on email that you send to other people.
This will appear alongside your name, you may choose to leave this blank.
E-mail address:
your email address, It will be
Reply address:
You may leave this blank
Include this account when doing a full Send and Recieve
This should be ticked.
If it is not, this mailbox will not be checked when you press the "Send and Recieve" button.
Click on the Servers tab.
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Type in
Incoming Mail (POP3):
Type in
My incoming mail is a ... server.
This must say POP3.
Incoming Mail Server
You must have "Log on using" selected.
Account name:
This is your Login Name or the first part of you email address
Enter you password here for Email
My server requires authentication
This must NOT be ticked.
Click on the Connection tab.
Choose the option you wish to use.
Click on the Security tab.
Use a digital ID when sending secure messages from:
You can use secure methods to transfer email, but you need to know how to use them.
This should be turned off.
Click on the Advanced tab.
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
This should be set to 25
This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
This must not be ticked.
Incoming Mail (POP3):
This should be set to 110
This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
This must not be ticked.
Server timeouts
This specifies how long the program will wait for the server to respond before it gives up.
Try increasing it by 30 seconds if you are getting "timed out" messages.
It should not be set lower than 1 minute 30 seconds.
Leave a copy of messages on server
If this is ticked, the mail you download will not be deleted from the server.
We prefer you to keep your mailbox clear, so this shouldnot be ticked.
Remove from server after ... day(s)
If you choose to leave your mail on the server, mail older than the defined time will be deleted.
Delete from server when deleted from 'Deleted Items'
If you choose to leave mail on the server, then download, read and delete a message, it will also be removed from the server.
Break apart message larger than ... KB
Our outgoing mail servers have a no limit.
Click Apply and then OK



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